FAQ Page for Ace of Spades Server List Project:

1) - I can't join any server on the server list?
If you're using Google Chrome, firstly try using a different browser.
If it works using a different browser, then you need to reinstall your browser for it to work.
Or just simply use the working browser.

2) - No servers are appearing?
If you're a person who reloads the server list quite often,
then you may notice that now and again the servers don't show. This has nothing to do
with my site (unless the JSON has changed location). The most common action which takes
place here is that the Master Server (created by StackOverFlow) is either rebooting, or
is currently down for some reason.

3) - There are connection problems whilst trying to join a server?
This could be because of a couple of reasons. One of the reasons
may be because the server is down. To assure that it's not down, simply reload the page.
If it's showing as online, and is still saying the same error, then you may need to reinstall
the game. (Simply uninstall and install the version which you're currently using.)
is currently down for some reason.
If you're still having problems, feel free to pm me on the BuildandShoot forums here.

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