Last Updated: 13th March 2017 at 18:16pm GMT.

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All of the features on the server lists currently:
- Updated the broken links!
- Neat menu bar, which has links to everything which you'll need whilst trying to play the FREE version of Ace of Spades.
- An Open URL Feature which can be useful if you can't open the URL directly.
- LocalHost Connection
- Statistics displaying the amount of users online, how many servers there are, and a percentage showing how full all of the servers are altogether.
- Clear page layout.
- Servers are highlighted when you hover over them.
- Search Servers Tool, this works with searching any of the data displayed in the list.
- All of the servers displayed are online.
- List displays Server Name, Players Online, Slots, Mode, Map and the Country which the server is being hosted in.
- Traffic Monitor, Checks the rate of incoming packets, if it becomes overloaded, it will kick the connection out.
- Flag counter displaying at the bottom.
- When highlighting over the game mode, it gives a brief description on what you do on the particular gamemode.
- Whilst highlighting over the country flag, it tells you what the country code is.
- A server list for all of the Aloha Servers. (This is due to most of the population of players play on these servers).
- Quite a few javascripts on the page.
- No site errors.
- Gradient background.
- Menu bar displays on every page of the site. Same with the entire theme.
- Useful tools such as my Giant Map List on the menu bar.

If you have any issues, feel free to contact me.
If you are having problems joining servers, please read the FAQ: here

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